Why Hospitality Standards???

To help you create great listings, make your event the best it can be, and earn you stellar reviews
To connect you with clients who love doing business with you and will be back as soon as they can (with friends)
This is Dani, Yogible founder, and I’d like to offer you tips for great reviews
Our Hospitality Standards should be used as a guide to create consistent, high-quality listings and experiences for you and your guests

When your event is finished, participants will be asked to provide ratings for

  • Communication
  • Accuracy Of Your Listing
  • Food (when applicable)
  • Rooms
  • Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Overall Experience


Responding to inquiries: The faster you respond, the more you demonstrate interest in a potential guest. Respond in 24 hoursor less – even for people who have already booked

We suggest

  • Sending a welcome message immediately after a guest books
  • Thanking guests when they pay their balance
  • Checking with guests just prior to their travel; ask if you can they have any last questions or if you can assist in making their travel smoother


  • Choose a guest cancellation policy which is in everyone’s best interest. You have the option to write your own, custom policy if ours don’t fit your needs
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities under ourCancellation Policies andTerms of Service(links)

We take cancellations seriously and encourage you to make every effort to deliver on your commitment to the guest


Set yourself up for success by attracting guests who are a good fit for you; let others find the event that is right for them

Your listing is a promise to the guest and should be a realistic presentation of what they will experience when they join you

Make It Great
High-quality photos are one of your biggest assets. They should reflect the current state of the property and rooms

Curriculums for YTT’s / TTC’s should be described consistently with what will be taught. Subjects of study that receive hours (or days) of time should be noted so students can make an informed decision about joining you

We offer space for detailed descriptions of the the venue and rooms – use it, please

If you don’t want alcohol or marijuana consumed during your event, or don’t want guests going out for late nights of partying, say it

Put yourself in the guest’s shoes. If they will have to walk a steep hill for daily outings, let them know. Frequent power outages, unreliable internet, etc, are worth mentioning – as is construction by you or neighbors

Be sure to write what’s included and not included. We recommend against listing generic, free things like ‘walks on the beach’

Amenities can really add to your listing; be sure they are in good working order


  • The price should match your offering and also compare well with similar listings
  • Strive to offer the most value in your price range. Add value

If you consistently receive low ratings on the accuracy your information, your ability to list may be temporarily suspended. Guests need to know that they will get what they arepromised


This applies only to listings that offer food. If you say you’re serving delicious vegan food, don’t just put out white rice and black beans


A clean space is something travelers expect regardless of price. It is also likely be an important factor of the Overall Rating


Ensure a great end-to-end experience for the guest

Value is the relationship between what your listing offers, it’s price, and comparable listings. It accounts for things like accommodations and amenities, plus the quality of instruction

The quality of your service is also part of the value you provide

Overall Experience

The overall experience is holistic and begins when guests first read your listing; it ends when they hug you goodbye

A high overall rating makes a great impression on potential guests who are browsing listings

Starting with your listing, deliver as much as you can, and do your best to help the guest’s travel experience flow from the first moment to the last. We’re sure you will rock!

Thanks for being part of our community. Namaste